Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day...

Hello Ladies... 
Hope you all had a lovely day... 
This is all for this year's Valentine's Day.. 
Just a few web finds.. 

Will share my lovely day with you later.. 

Thank you so much for sharing your sweet comments with me each day and for being such faithful followers of the blog.. 

May the rest of your week be wonderful.. 
God bless.. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This week of Valentines.. Old Love...

Good Evening again.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight for the third posting to celebrate Valentine's Day which is tomorrow.. 

Today Terry and I went to the city for our town day ... 
We did a bit of shopping and then went out for supper.. |
We went to a local restaurant which is a fave of ours.. 
It is called the Big Stop and we always enjoy the food and atmosphere.  A very busy place.. We usually meet someone we are related to or went to school with.. And we did again.. smile. An old school friend of ours.. 
We had Bible Study tonight so we decided to go to town for the afternoon and then we could have supper and attend the service which was great..
It was a lovely day... 

So for tonight I am sharing another past post from a few years ago.. 
This is the last old post I will share related to Valentines.. 
So come along for a rerun.. smile.. 

Old Love..

Good Morning everyone ..

Valentine's Day is over for another year.. 

Yesterday, I hauled our little table and chairs from the Sun Room and put it out in front of our Family Room fireplace.. 
We had decided to eat in so I thought we could have it a bit special.. 

Terry got the fire going in the fireplace . 
He is such a great sport always humoring me and my bright ideas.. smile.. 
Next month is our 44th anniversary so I guess he is used to it

Some people think that if you have been married that long then the romance is gone.. 
Well, romance never dies.. 
Love and affection is always necessary in your life no matter how old you get.. 

Although, young love is exciting old love is better.. 
You have been down the road together.. 
He knows what I am thinking usually even before I know I am thinking it myself.. smile.. 
Holding that dear old hand is just as satisfying to me as it was that first time we walked around our block all those years ago.. 
The bond we have together has been strengthened by the many years of trials and tests.. 
We share family..
He makes me laugh still..
Our marriage brings comfort and joy..

I am just so glad I found the one my heart loves.. 

Have a great weekend everyone.. 

Thank you sweet ladies for your visits and all of your dear comments this week.. 
Just one last thing.. 
Terry and I are not travellers.. Or I am not.. smile.. 
We are not rich nor are we very exciting people.. 
Dreams that we had as a young couple may not have all come to fruition but we have had each other and the dearest sweetest family ... 
We are both so thankful to our Lord for the life we have had together.. 
The words below says it all. 

Yes... just a bit sentimental but so much truth.. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

This week of Valentines .. A no knead bread recipe..

Good Evening my dears.. 
Here we are on the second post for this week of Valentines.. 
Yesterday I mentioned that I would like to make a loaf of homemade bread today to help us celebrate.. 
Last post can be seen HERE

I did get it made and we enjoyed a slice for our supper..
 Here is the recipe which was on a post several years ago.. 


1 package active dry yeast
1 1/2 cups of warm water (105 -115 degrees)
1 tsp. sugar
2 Tablespoons honey
2 Tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon salt
3 cups flour. divided

1 Tablespoon cinnamon
1 cup raisins
In a large bowl dissolve yeast in the warm water and add sugar and honey and stir.  Add butter, salt and 2 cups flour...
Beat with electric mixer on LOW until blended..

Beat on high speed  for one minute..
Stir in remaining flour with a wooden spoon.
Cover and let rise in a warm place until doubled in size...
Punch down by stirring with a heavy spoon.  Stir in raisins and cinnamon.  Spoon batter into a loaf pan.  Let rist again until batter reaches the top of the pan.. (I forgot and let it rise higher)
Bake in a preheated 350 degrees oven for forty minutes or until when tapped it sounds hollow...Cool on wire rack..
This batter bread is a wonderful treat for breakfast or in "munchkin's " lunch sack as peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches..
This recipe came from Alaska....
If you get a chance to try this you will find it very easy and very tasty..

And as promised here is another Valentine's post from a few years ago.. 
I hope you enjoy ... 

Good Morning Dear Ladies...
Yesterday, Terry and I visited my Mom and Step-Dad to help them get the snow off their roof... Well, Terry did that and I helped Mom make dinner... We have a good time doing 
time as my Mom and I love to cook but she still uses her own methods and it makes us laugh... 
Yesterday was Valentines Day and when we walked into their home  I noticed 2 cards on
 the table that they had given to each other... He is 80 in April and Mom will be 77... 
That shows you that ROMANCE need never

As I was thinking about this post I thought I would like to share with you a few things that my Mom has taught me about MARRIAGE and about home and  family.
Not by TELLING me but by SHOWING me...
No matter how  OLD you are you can still LEARN  from your MOTHER... right?
As my Mom gets closer to 80 I want to appreciate every moment that we share together
I hope you will find  this little list inspiring and interesting....

1.  Serve God... no matter what... Make Him the CENTRE of your HOME...

2.  Work out the problems in your marriage and be CONTENT....
Not everything will be perfect....Make the best of what you have...

3.  Always make sure that you  PRIMP  just before your husband gets back home.. I noticed my Mom doing this since I was a small child.. Just before my Dad would be getting in from work she would fix her hair and make sure she was tidied up..I never forgot.

4.  Always kiss him good morning, good night and good bye..

5.  Make good meals with what he likes... Don't just dote to your kids... He is IMPORTANT...

6.  If it is just you and him then put on the candles and light them and make it a SPECIAL time even when it isn't..
(One day last year I dropped into Moms and she did not know I was coming.  It was an ordinary day but she had the candles on and the potato salad was decorated with sliced tomato  and everything was fancy.. I asked her what was special and she said  "Oh, nothing... I just wanted to make it nice for him"  ... Sweet, eh?

7. Take pride in your husband  and see that he is dressed  as well as you dress yourself...
My Mom was telling me yesterday about how our pastor always complimented my dear Dad when he was alive about how nice he always looked.. My Dad told him to give the credit to Mom..
Do you know she even combed my Dad's hair.. Always..
No.. I don't do

8.  Go with him as much as you can and always stop for a cup of tea..It doesn't need to be much... just a treat (as my Mom calls it) 
.I know with children that is not always possible but when it is....
Be each other's best friend...Enjoy being with him...

9.  Have as much COMPANY  in your home as you can manage and always have FUN...Entertain together..

10.  LAUGH together .... a lot...

11.  PRAY together... daily...

12. CHERISH your MARRIAGE... it is precious....


 I hope this blesses you..
A little different posting but as Keepers of our Homes we need to make sure our relationship with OUR HUSBAND is a priority.. It affects not only our children's happiness but our own...
As was once said... The best thing you can do for your child is to LOVE THEIR FATHER...

In Titus teach younger women to love their husbands ... to love their children...
I wish I could say that I have faithfully followed these wee tips that I learned from Mom...Sometimes I fail.... But I have learned that when the rubber meets the road that the dear man I married ( and sometimes drives me crazy. ) is GOD'S PLAN for my life and I need to do ALL I can to keep that relationship SWEET....

Have a wonderful week my dears and thanks for stopping by and Yes you still need to listen to your

Thank you once again for dropping by my friends and I look forward to hearing from you.. 
Until tomorrow night.. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

This Week of Valentines....

Hello there everyone.. 
Hope you are all doing well in your part of the world.. 
It is Sunday here on the eastern coast of Canada and the weather has been the usual Canadian winter scene.. 
A bit of snow and then some rain to make the driving a bit of a hazard but all is well.. 
We did get out to church this morning so we were blessed.. 

This week we will celebrate Valentine's Day... 
So for a change in the blog here I thought we would perhaps celebrate it for a few days rather then just one.. 

Nothing too serious but I decided to share some past posts and stuff with up until then .. 

Some of you girls have followed this blog from the beginning and it will be old hat to you so just walk on by.. grin.. 
And for you who are new then maybe it will interest you.. 
Or not.. smile.. 

I am a sentimental old fool as they say.. 
Just ask my family.. smile.. 
With that being said.....
 Valentines has always been a bit special with Terry and I.. 
We may not go out to a fancy restaurant but have a special meal here at home or we may make reservations and go for it..
He might bring me a bunch of roses
or it could just be a card and a box of Toffifay or that wrench he .. 
But always we remember...
I will be honest.. 
I won't let him forget!!  grin...  

As most of you know this blog is just about our daily doings.. eh? 
This week I want to make it a bit special for him.. 
The man I married may years ago..  
I hope you will come along with me and see what is doing.. 

For tonight I am going to repost one that I wrote several years ago but really it is still true today... 

It was called.. 
It's The Little Things That Make Me Love Him So.. 

Today my hubby visited the farm and I stayed home to try and get some things done..
I don't accomplish as much when we are hanging out here together..
I don't know why because we do our own thing but I seem to get more done when I am alone..

I am trying to get ready for Keepers meeting in a couple of weeks and decided to make this new recipe for the breakfast part..

I took them out of the oven and iced them and left them on the counter cooling...

I knew Terry would be home soon so I had gone in to comb my hair and change my clothes as I had a lot of flour on me..
I am a messy cook.. smile..
I heard Sammi barking and knew he had arrived home..
I had told him I would make him a little something but not to get excited because it might not be good..
He laughed and said he would be looking forward to it..

When I came out he was grinning like a wee boy..
He said they were so good and went on and

I guess they are a success!. 

But for tonight I am feeling blessed to be married to a man who sometimes annoys me like mad but also makes my heart melt over something as trivial as appreciation for a baked donut..

Sometimes it seems as though the world thinks it needs  gloss and glitter to make marriages work..
Possessions like houses and vehicles and even  careers and beauty are thought to be the basis for a good marriage..
Time spent building careers and friendships seem more important then time spent developing a marriage..
Hollywood has not helped ..
Marriage does not count for much in that sphere..
Divorce is just an everyday occurrence and commitment is hard to come by..
Faithfulness is scarce and lifestyle is everything..

Still ...
There are many who desire a marriage that is steadfast and sure..
And they are still possible..
Even today..
With God all things are possible..

Sometimes I think that it is just
  the little things that make the difference in a marriage....

Things like sharing the bathroom and the making of breakfast together..
The sharing of a pot of coffee and reading the daily paper..
It is the sweet remarks about how beautiful you are when you know that you are anything but in that old red housecoat and slippers..

It's the wanting to kiss that bald head when he is bent over a task at the kitchen table..
And the calls on the cell phone saying he is almost to the farm and won't be long..
Important things like praying together for a concern of a child..
Or sitting together in church and smiling at each other over a grandson's remark..
The enjoyment of laughing together at the same thing..

The small things that you take for granted everyday of your life but would be so missed if they weren't around..
The good and the not so good...

Then there are things that are annoying  like driving slow to save on gas bills or his need to always be the one in charge...
But then you are so glad he is at the helm when there is a crisis..
And always being late.. Oh my... smile..

The faithfulness.. The loyalty.. The trust..The sweetness...

The meagre beginnings that are shared and appreciated..
The children that mean the whole world to both..
The joy of a hug and a kiss still after all these years..
Looking across the mall and knowing the set of those shoulders...
Seeing the same light in his eye that I saw many years ago.. smile..

The giving and taking..
The compromises ..
The love and trust we share in our God....

Yes... tonight it is the little things that make me love him so.. smile..

Thank you Jesus..

So....  if this is just a little too corny for you all then just blame it on Valentines Day...

That is all she wrote for that post.. smile.. 
Hopefully it will touch your heart in some way.. 

Tomorrow morning I hope to begin doing something special for him or us together until then.
Only 3 days..  
Tomorrow I think I will bake some homemade bread.. 
Don't tell him.. smile.. 
We haven't had bread for weeks so it will be a treat..
I will let you know how that goes tomorrow night if I possible can.. 

just the two of  us....
Thanks so much for dropping by and I so love your little notes.. 
I treasure each one.. 

God bless and may you have a wonderful week ... 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Saturday Night Ramble and Roll...

Happy Saturday night everyone.. 
Hope you are all having a great weekend.. 
It is a cold day here but we have had some weather the last few days.  
Snow then rain then deep freezing.. 
Oh well, it is winter here in Canada... 

And the month of January has passed and February is upon us.. 
Have been loving the days of January.. 
Some of the joys of being retired is sleeping a bit late in the mornings.. 
Especially, on windy blowy days where it is just so cozy to stay snuggled up in the warm blankets.. 
Making porridge with a drizzle of maple syrup for breakfast.. 
Doing the morning routine which we are used to.. 
One of the things I usually do is to strike a match to some incense or a candle if it is a dull cloudy day, especially.. smile.. 

A new box of White Sage that smells lovely.. 

Then on with the chores for the day... 
There is always laundry, tidying up and such to do.. 
Making soup for lunch almost always.. 
Asian Noodle Soup.. 
Some of my own sprouts on top.. 
So good.. 

Little chores..

Cleaning up a little thrift store find.. 

A wee silver basket filled with 4 fruit napkin rings.. 
Cute, eh? 
Love cloth napkins and napkin rings.. 

Putting labels on homemade marmalade.. 

Taking little drives..
This one to Sussex..

Trying out new recipes for supper.. 

Stuffed Apples from the Country Living UK magazine.. 
The apples are stuffed with a pork mixture.. 

A lovely old church in it's Winter White.. 

One of our go to meals.. 

Maritimer's Fish Chowder.. 

Bought some wonderful cook books at the Thrift stores.. 

Love reading them and finding a recipe or two to try.. 
Dinner Chez Moi is by a girl Laura Calder from our province of New Brunswick..  

Do you remember me saying that Terry had spray painted some pots copper colour for me to plant my herbs in?? 
I planted them all.. 5 of them and for some reason every pot broke. 
Weird, eh?  
Anyway, I bought 5 new pots and replanted them.. 
They look lovely.. 
The light was not good for me to take a pic.. 
Next time.. smile.. 

Enjoy the snowy days.. 

So long as it is not too fierce and our children are not travelling.. 
Makes me want to make soup.. lol.. 
I guess I would be making it anyway.. 

Tomato Vegetable.. 
Using up veggies that was canned last summer.. 

We had pizza one day with this great 2 ingredient crust recipe.. 

We loved this and Terry told me to make it again soon.. 
You can just make your own self rising flour. 

To make your own, combine 1 cup of all-purposeflour with 1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. ..

Perhaps we will have a Quesadilla for breakfast.. 
A drizzle of hot sauce and a bit of sour cream... 
Rambling along here.. 
Making some tea towels and such.. 

 during an afternoon.. 

I have also been cleaning and sorting and getting rid of stuff.. 

Doing the pantry and cupboards, drawers and book shelves.. 
Next week I hope to attack a few closets.. smile.. 

One fun chore I did was to make some Celery Pickles.. 

They are delicious!! 

The recipe came from the cook book 
Cafe Kitchen... 

Most evenings I will have a glass of Clamato Juice with a Celery Pickle.. 
So easy to make and such a treat... 

Well, dear hearts I guess this is it for tonight.. 

Just a little ramble and roll for you once again.. 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day!
Read last night in Isaiah to call the Sabbath a delight.. 
And truly it is .. 
We are so blessed to live in a country where we can gather together on a Sunday and worship the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.. 
You sweet friends have a great week and we will chat again soon.. 
Thank you for the new followers of the blog here and on Face Book and for all of your dear comments.. 

God bless you this night...